Welcome to ModernMom!

As you may have noticed, we are making some changes around here to make improve your experience on our website. If you landed here, you may have been asked to test drive some of our new features, and we really appreciate your patience and cooperation.

So whats new with ModernMom?

Great question, and the answer is a lot. Below are some of the new features that we have launched, and we would love for you to test drive them and give us some feedback.


We all have questions, and some of us have answers for them. In most cases, very well written answers have already been composed on other websites. With our new 'link to answer' feature, you can easily point our moms into the right direction to get the advice they need.

Must Have

Deals. Reviews. Ideas.


Moms write all the time, and sometimes these posts get lost in the mix. Mommytrack was developed to help expose this great content the mom community.


Find tha latest contests and promtions happening on ModernMom and around the web!

Are you already registered with ModernMom?

If you already have an account at the old ModernMom, we have all of your information stored under the Email address used. To sync up with the new ModernMom, a simple Password Reset is required.

Does old login to ModernMom work on this part of the site?

No. At this point in the process, the two systems are seperate. For the time being, you will need two logins, one for our new features on beta, and one for the traditional ModernMom Site.

How to I know which login to use?

http://www.modernmom.com is the only site using the old authentication. The following urls are part of our new experience.

http://connect.modernmom.com - this is your new homepage/dashboard.

http://conversations.modernmom.com - Questions and Answers.

http://musthave.modernmom.com - Our new product engine.

http://mommytrack.modernmom.com - Want more traffic to your own blog? Let us share your posts!.

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